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I first met Master Cheng Tin Hung in 1970. He was recommended, by a sports shop owner as "the best man," to go to. His reputation was one of someone who knew Tai Chi Chuan as a martial art, having proved himself, not only as a Tai Chi body guard, but by competing in martial arts tournaments, defeating the Champion of Taiwan along the way.

The man I knew was very straight forward, and this was reflected in his teaching. He may have been straightforward, but he also had his moments when you knew "now is not the best time to ask that question." It would be wrong to see him only as some kind of, 'enfant terrible,' which at times, he undoubtedly was. He was also very well read in the Classics and Chinese History. One was always left with the impression that no matter how much you saw, there was still more under the surface.

What I liked about his teaching, and have come to appreciate more over the years, was how direct and practical it was. There were no frills, and no elaborate techniques, just solid and effective Tai Chi Chuan.

It is my hope that I can do justice to him, by staying true to the Tai Chi Chuan he taught.

Article by Cheng Tin Hung

Brochure from the 60’s guarantees self defence in 3 months