I first met George in 1970 when I started training with Sifu Cheng Tin Hung. George was the senior instructor at the gym. His style was what immediately struck me. Always clear and graceful, along with an engaging personality made him a pleasure to be with. He was invaluable to my learning Tai Chi in the initial stages.

The reason we are using his films on the web site, is that they are a touchstone to the style taught by Sifu Cheng Tin Hung. I feel it is important to see this connection, as it is true to the Tai Chi Chuan that I was taught.

It is also good to see his very pointed contributions to Youtube. Just as I remember him, clear and to the point. Long may he continue.

Ian Cameron


Old Masters from George

Wu Chien chuan 1938

Chen Chang Xin

Yang Luchan

Cheng Tin Hung leaflet from 1960’s